These are puppies from 2012 litter - Magnificent Fuji Cap X Canadian ChampionBullseye. We got 6 snow white angels out of this breeding, and the best puppy, Cotton Baby, stays for breeding.


About Us

We are a small home kennel located in GTA, Canada. We breed healthy, happy and gorgeous English bulldogs with the right conformation, good temperament and excellent health.  Contact us here.

Our girls are bred not more than 3 times during their life span, and they live in our house as beloved family members. Our dogs are very sociable, good with all types of pets, they love children and friendly with strangers.

Think if English Bulldog is a Right Pet for You 

English Bulldog is a special non-sporting breed. They are heavy and lazy, sensitive and demanding. It is like having forever baby in your hands. Yo will need baby wipes and special shampoos. 

Bulldogs cannot withstand hit and frost. They are not joggers, especially in summer time. They are not swimmers. They are not good for the camp or ski trip.

Bulldogs need company and people around them, otherwise they easily get depressed and mischievous.

The good thing about English Bulldog - they are very cute and fancy, and full of character. They do not require much living space or extensive walks. It is an ideal dog for the busy city dweller. Bulldogs are not annoying or barky, so they easily fit into a tiny apartment.